Other erosion prevention

Products preventing erosion

In addition to Aqua-Flora® rolls and mats we also supply and install products preventing erosion made by North American Green (NAG) from the USA. The Terra Flora mats are mainly used for minimising erosion of for instance a slope. There are a number of factors to be taken into account when opting for a Terra Flora mat. Depending on such factors, a Terra Flora mat of a specific lifespan or strength can be selected. The mats are fully biodegradable.

For a permanent solution we can offer our special Vmax3 mats.

Terra Flora TMKW 400, 700 and 900
Woven coconut fibre mat 100% coconut fibre
Weight: 400 g/m2, 700 g/m2 or 900 g/m2
Various roll sizes

Terra Flora BioMat 700
Terra Flora mat TMKW
400 + 300g coconut fibres
Weight: 700 g/m2
Various roll sizes

Terra Flora Bio mat 1000
Terra Flora mat TMKW
700 + 300g coconut fibres
Weight: 1,000 g/m2
Various roll sizes

Three-dimensional Turf Reinforcement Mat for permanent protection

100% coconut fibres or 100% PP-fibres, both sides provided with a PP-net and provided with an undulating PP-net in the centre;
Roll sizes (width x length): 2.0 x 50.0 m

Geo Flora Xylit rolls
100% xylit with PP-net ø 20 cm
Roll length 90 cm appr. 7.0 kg/roll

Geo Flora Coconut fibre roll AR300
100 % Coconut fibre with PP-net
Various roll sizes

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Asphalt mats

Another application of erosion prevention is placing asphalt mats on the water bottom. This is an application often used in harbours or industrial areas.

A blend of mastic and limestone (may serve as replacement of rocks where the acidity of the water is too high or where the forces on the loose rock embankment are too high)
Of such strength and porosity that it is capable of absorbing the wave energy without being damaged
Can be placed on slopes having a percentage of incline of up to 1:1.5
Follows all shapes and contours of the foundation soil on which it is placed
Can be placed under water as a prefab element

Application and Uses

  • Bank and slope protection for river beds and coasts
  • Slope protection near discharge openings and discharge channels of weirs and culverts
  • Bottom protection near quays
  • Pipe line protection

If the list does not include your specific type of erosion protection, or if you need advice regarding your project, please contact us. We are happy to help.