Our goal

About us

Currently, our small, close-knit team consists of 11 professionals. Most of them perform work on site. Working at the office are our calculator/planning officer, as well as the secretarial/administrative staff and the marketing/HRM department.

We consider it important that our own staff has all the know-how and skills required to turn each project into a success. The Aqua-Flora® projects are therefore realized entirely by our own people. However, sometimes, in case of a very large job or when time is of the essence, we may temporarily reinforce our team by hiring someone. Such a temporary employee will be one of our usual freelancers and one of our own guys will always be supervising the work. Experience teaches that these freelancers are just as passionate about the trade and our Aqua-Flora® products as we are.

And just so you know, we have been in this business since 1995.

Our goal

Sustainability is a topic we talk about a lot. And how could it not be? After all, none of us want our current actions to put future generations in any danger.

Building with nature, that is the future as far as we’re concerned. And that is what we like to contribute to. We strive to be as sustainable as possible in our operational management, product development and realization. That means environmentally friendly, socially responsible (SROI) and economically efficient.

Our Aqua-Flora® products meet the increasing demand for eco civil applications. The products have a long lifespan, hardly need any maintenance and improve the water quality and biodiversity.

Thinking along

Our strength is developing turnkey solutions. Innovating, brainstorming during the preliminary stage, designing, building, making on-site adjustments when necessary and follow-up care if needed. Switching fast, flexible and service-oriented.

We are part of various syndicates in which we share our knowledge with municipalities, water authorities and research institutes for instance. This is a tremendously important ongoing process resulting in the most creative ideas.

That’s us.