'Functional, sustainable and environmentally friendly':

Those are the characteristics of Gabions. Gabions are boxes made of twisted or welded steel wire. These boxes, filled with rock, present a flexible, multi-purpose building block for civil constructions such as scour protection, retaining walls, erosion control structures, sound barriers, bridge heads or plain decorative landscape elements.

Since the invention and first commercial applications of gabions and gabion mattresses more than 110 years ago, millions of square and cubic meters of gabions have been installed succesfully all over the world.

The main advantages of gabions in a nutshell: stable yet flexible and water transparent building material, cost effective (they can be filled with recycled material or rubble), easy to install (low-tech and labour intensive) by local work force, environmentally sound in terms of material and energy input compared to conventional solutions; can be applied in dry or wet conditions.

Nautilus Eco-Solutions bv can supply all current sizes and shapes of gabions, twisted as well as welded mesh gabions, zinc-galvanised, aluminum-zinc galvanised or zinc-galvanised and plastified. We also try to meet any special requirements. 

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